Working withYoung People

The fact is, in reality, this committee works with the people who work with young people.

In the 1990s we mainly worked with the youth and community section of the Education Department in Harrow Council and we sought and received grants, first from the John Lyon's Trust, and later the Millennium Grant Awards.

With the former we were able to employ a youth worker who worked with the Council in schools and youth clubs organising Environment projects.

This youth worker was followed by one who concentrated initially on historical and cultural topics with the build up to the Millennium celebrations with an event called Under One Sky celebrating Harrow's diverse culture. She also turned to the natural environment with a project known as The Healing Garden in South Harrow and involved a local school at Newton Farm.

After 2000 we started working with the Manager of Headstone Manor Museum and Heritage Centre and in 2004 published a series of 5 trails around Harrow aimed at 9-13 year olds and thier parents. These colourful pamphlets became very popular and were used by adults seeking a gentle walk.

We are now supporting the museum staff in various projects involving primary aged school children in life in the Tudor and Victorian times.

Anne Swinson

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