Aims & Objectives


To secure the protection, preservation, restoration and improvement of the character and amenities of the London Borough of Harrow for the benefit and enjoyment of the public generally and especially the inhabitants of the Borough, and to promote the preservation of land and buildings of beauty or historic interest as well as areas of ecological or other specific or environmental importance within the Borough and to promote schemes and awards to assist the attainment of these objectives.



  1. To develop walks, trails, or sites to provide access for the public to our natural environment.
  2. To promote public works of art in Harrow.
  3. To promote high quality design in new buildings and landscaping projects through the HHT/Observer Award Scheme.
  4. To provide educational material, which records and illustrates our heritage for use in schools and by the general public;
  5. To encourage ecological protection and the preservation of natural resources.
  6. To protect and enhance buildings of particular historic significance, for example, Headstone Manor
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